This month's chronicle

This month's chronicle
My name is André, senior travel advisor at Découvertes.
Designing a journey in Normandy is always interesting and challenging too. Normandy is a place of heavy memory with beaches, cemeteries, villages and memorials. Every single client comes with a different story and different expectations: in mind the stories of killed or wounded relatives, or the war stories picked up in their library full of history books. No option that we have to make of their trip, a one and only journey. Here comes the very nice part of our job: feeding every single journey. 
Through the years, I have designed many customized and unique journeys in this beautiful region of France. A lot of agents contact me with clients trying to retrace their grand fathers' or relatives' Landing in Normandy. 
I love receiving that type of request, as I know it's going to be very emotional. As a start, I take a maximum of information from the agent, ie. relatives' name, infantry, unit,...
When these elements are collected, most important, if not the major key success factor, is to pick the right local expert guide. It happens that we discuss at length with Marine (she manages the guide gang!!) or with the guides directly, who should be the perfect match for the mission; the one that will re-collect the family story to make this trip a family journey. It often ends on places where the relatives have been wounded or killed or where their graves are…
The feedbacks are just wonderful because this is just about People! This is what we love.